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The Lefts mental instability (Opinion)



As many of us are well aware, the left has been completely unhinged since the night that Donald Trump won the Presidential Election in November 2016. From holding plays depicting President Trump being murdered in the same fashion as Julius Caesar in Central Park and Kathy Griffin holding an effigy of the President’s severed head, to rapper Snoop Dogg starring in a music video where he “mock” assassinates the President and Madonna stating that she wants to blow up the White House.  A good example of the left’s mentally unstable behavior can be illustrated in light of Hurricane Dorian. Many liberals began Tweeting their desire for Hurricane Dorian to hit Mar-A-Largo. One of them, Kim Campbell, a blue check-marked liberal tweeted, “I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar-A-Largo”.  Campbell immediately faced backlash but was just one of many liberals on Twitter who began joining in and hoping that a hurricane would hit Trump’s Florida Estate.

Another shining, text book example of an unhinged liberal would be none other than a Twitter user by the name of @Bolliollio. This user has several abhorrent Tweets posted on his Twitter feed, such as this one, and another which is just one of many repeatedly harassing Laura Loomer, who was later suspended from Twitter. Another tweet from this user shows him legitimizing the congressmen Joaquin Castro doxxing Trump Donors, and another legitimizing Michael Moore who allegedly was indirectly inciting violence.  Let’s not forget that the media has made repeated rhetorical statements that could potentially incite a troubled individual to come out and reap untold damage. Two weeks before the shooting that injured Steve Scalise during a baseball game Bernie Sanders stated that if Republicans repealed Obamacare, then everybody wanted to die. Sanders supporters have shown increased signs of radical behavior. I along with many others believe that a huge percent of them [Sanders supporters] make up the violent left-wing group known as ANTIFA. Yet whenever Sanders supporters go out and allegedly destroy property and assault conservatives, Sanders is always quiet. During the Republican baseball shooting, when it was revealed that it was a supporter of Sanders, [James T. Hodgkinson]. It took Sanders three days to come out and publicly disavow the shooter.  A short time before the Steve Scalise incident, another Sanders supporter by the name of Jeremy Christian, stabbed 2 people on a MAX train, was later arrested for assault, and attempted murder. This incident Sanders has yet to disavow. Unbelievably, the liberal media and liberal Twitter users accused the man of being a Donald Trump supporter.

The issue at hand is the increased radicalization of several individuals within the movement of the Democrats. It has to be addressed and has to be handled delicately. It is strongly encouraged that if you are disturbed by someone you did not like being legally elected, then you should immediately seek professional help or encourage others to do so.  It could prevent yourself or another from causing harm to others, or to themselves. We have seen many shocking examples of the lefts unbalanced behavior, and yet there are those that continue to give them a free pass, ignoring potential warning signs when one of their own is exhibiting psychotic symptoms. If you see something, then you need to say something.


(Update) 8/31/2019, 1:44pm.

Shortly after this article was published, the user @Bolliollio in a private Facebook message, engaged in a unhinged meltdown, accusing one of our journalists of engaging in harassing and toxic behavior. It should also be noted that this user has long been suspected of creating fake Twitter accounts, and engaging in a pattern of targeted harassment, and doxxing.  Even more troubling, this individual did not seem to believe that his Tweets mentioned in this article constituted unstable harassment. Many Bernie Sanders supporters consider themselves to be revolutionaries fighting against a our president whom they see to be an evil tyrant, and that Trump’s supporters are evil racist Nazis. The reason why liberals doxx conservatives, is to cause them harm in some way, often by setting them up to be SWATTED.















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