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  • Any app updates @shastina? BTW, not in the ‘you owe me an explanation’ sense, more in the ‘I’m curious’ vein of thought lol! Thanks in advance for any time you may waste responding to my pleeb requests!
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    • ha ha ha James I promise you will be the first to know…. one of our developers had a family emergency and then the holidays so we are getting back on track and making corrections that are needed to get the app live

  • I went on Google play to find the app @shastina I couldn’t find it, am I searching for it incorrectly? What should I be searching for?
    • It’s not there yet…. I’m on pins and needles as well…. I know that apple is not working today through the 27th could be the same for google

      • I’ll be honest, since I’m emotionless and lack empathy (I hear?) I’ll be OK playing Rev on the browser until you get around to it. I’m aware the liberals in charge of Google and Apple feel more entitled to time off than doing a stellar job for their clients. I hereby absolve you of blame based on the conservative in me chanting the ‘SHIT HAPPENS’…Read More

  • jamestpirate posted a new activity comment

    I’ve had a few times I couldn’t get in, usually I dig into my history and click on the Rev activity in there followed by refreshing and I’ll be on my already logged in page. I’ve had most of my access problems on my galaxy tablet which I’m sure the future app SHOULD resolve. Either way, good luck bro, @shastina is brilliant with these types of…Read More
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Shastina Sandman

Founder | CEO REVolution

Hello ? We are excited to offer a new social media platform. We are a small team of conservatives fighting for our first amendment rights. We may not have all the bells and whistles of Facebook, but we are on our way to surpass them….



I don’t do interviews and no one is authorized to speak on my behalf.


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August 15, 2019
A hard worker and the nicest person you'll ever meet. Thanks for giving us a better place.
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May 29, 2019
She works hard to make the Rev go vroom!
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May 28, 2019
Thank you for going above and beyond to help me.!!!
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