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  • PDemikhov
  • I love my God, my Husband, my Children, my President45 and the Greatest Country, The United States Of America! ♥️??✝️
  • It’s on! And 15 seconds ago the media and dems will be screaming that it is dangerous to allow the public to view. Ha!
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    I do like the features on here better than most. 😉 I agree, it’s always worth a try.
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    Oh and to those using the rape or incest argument…adoption is always an option. It’s NOT the baby’s fault you got raped! The baby shouldn’t be punished for the horrendous act period!
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About me

Pamela Letisia Demikhov

Christian Libertarian with Conservative leanings.

Born Again Christian ✝️ Sept. of 99. First Generation American ??parent’s originally from Mexico. I’m originally from California, ??‍♀️but now live in the great state of Kentucky…I’ll never move back! Married my Beloved husband Lorin who’s retired Air-Force 20 yrs. ? I have 2 sons and 2 daughters.♥️
We both are retired and spend most our time either volunteering at our local homeless shelter or you’ll find us working on projects at home to keep us busy.
And I thank God every day to wake up knowing Trump is still our President! ????♥️??


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