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  • juantomas
    • it better be heavy with 16 magical shrinking whalekillers in it.

    • Duh, Derr, duh, Derr, I’m a Democrat, derr.

    • A few years ago, Hillary said that only mentally ill people would vote for Trump. But doesn’t it beg to be asked, What mental disability must you have to vote for a Dem? What mental state must you be in to actually believe the sh*t that falls out of her mouth?

      • Oh, i believe the fuckery that spills from their pieholes, i just think we should automatically assume whatever they blame somebody else for doing, is likely a something they themselves have ACTUALLY done. The pot loves to call the kettle black….except my pot, it tries to make the kettle hungry and happy lmao!

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    I don’t now if it’s the FOOLS leading the BLIND or the BLIND leading the FOOLS, it so hard to tell !!
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    • w have to stop this right now. if we don’t put a permanent stop to it then our great grandchildren will be completely outsmarted as no one knows history anymore

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I’m out to enjoy the rest of my life with friends, family and GOD !!


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August 13, 2019
Thank you for your continued support in REV and always posting great content. You are truly appreciated.
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May 27, 2019
A kind man and a good friend who always has something nice to say and loves to help people.
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May 16, 2019
Very welcoming and active member on REV. Great person to follow and keep you up to date with the communities goings on.
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