Jimmy Kimmel’s past returns to haunt him (theREVapp.com exclusive)













Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, which airs on ABC and the former host of the “Man Show”, in an old interview with FHM Magazine, October 2001 Nikki Cox, which TheREVapp.com obtained from a source, shows an interview which make all of the other controversies Kimmel has been embroiled in, pale in comparison. In this Interview, Kimmel mocks people with dwarfism repeatedly. The interview where Kimmel launches into his bigoted tirade, begins when FHM is asking him about his Karl Malone impression, which immediately results in Kimmel making the following comments when asked about how Comedy Central thought when he did his impression, asking when Comedy Central had put their foot down. Kimmel replies, “they had a problem with my midget fly paper, it was covered with cotton candy to attract midgets, in case your house is infested with them. I guess they consider midgets to be humans, which is in contrast to my take on them”.

In this interview, in translation Jimmy Kimmel, is estentially stating that “midgets” which is often used as a derogatory term for people with dwarfism, are subhumans, meaning they are less them human, and to make matters worse he is comparing them to being pests that have to be eliminated. This type of language is no different then how the Nazis compared human beings they felt were less then superior then them. Jimmy Kimmel, for the last 3 years has drummed on that President Trump is a bigot, and a Nazi who wants to do nothing more then to strip Americans of their Healthcare, as well as take away all of the freedoms that Americans hold dear. Kimmel in 2017, during an attempt to repeal Obama Care, wept on national television about how The Republicans and Trump, wanted to destroy the healthcare system by tearing away Obama Care from millions of Americans, when it is a proven record it is a failing law.

Jimmy Kimmel’s language used in this 2001 interview raises many questions regarding his character, and shows his blatant hypocrisy, and he should be held accountable for his actions, no matter how old they may be, also he has shown his clear bigotry in this interview. Kimmel has also been seen on Twitter making homophobic remarks against President Trump, and Sean Hannity, as early as spring 2017, which he faced mass backlash as a result, while he has not faced any type of reprimand from ABC for his behavior, others such as Tim Allen have had their show cancelled for no reason, and more recently Rosanne Barr for her Planet of the Apes comments on her personal Twitter account. Joy Behar, has also been caught making bigoted remarks against Christians on her show as well, and yet nothing has happened to them. It would appear, that liberals working for the ABC network have a different set of rules, and standards set for them, where they can virtually get away with doing, and saying anything they wish. But god forbid if it is a conservative, then ABC, and the social media pitchfork mob will do anything they can to ruin their life over any little error they make, and it is time to hold Jimmy Kimmel for this bigoted behavior that has surfaced, even if it is 25 years ago, as liberals have set this standard for conservatives, and the same rules should apply to them, as they are applied to anyone else they do not agree with.







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Liberals are hypocrites.
Also, when you argue with a drunk, you look like a drunk.

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