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  • JamesTPirate
  • I write, I film, I game, I specialize in hyperbole and sarcasm.
  • jamestpirate

    2 months, 3 weeks ago
    BYE BYE Beto, youll take whose guns where? Thats right you pansy, you couldnt even take your great grandmothers gun into the closet you try your wifes underwear on in and ponder on a resolution to your whole problem in the 1st place…YOU! From congressman to root of meme jokes on the internet for life…you sir, are an idiot. MORAL OF THE STORY: just because you live in a place surrounded by Hispanic people, doesnt make you one of them you dum dum. Beto o’ Gringo and Pocahontas Warren are a match made in kentucky. I picture them in a swinger porn with Spartacus Booker and Cameltoe Harris called ‘Feel The Bern’ where the camera guy is Bernie Sanders in a gimp suit, assisting Pedophile Weinstein in preparing to tax all 4 of their stage named asses into submission as all his plans take effect on a small hotel budget scale. HOPEFULLY KILLARY SHOWS UP IN THE END AND TURNS IT INTO A SNUFF FILM WHERE THE DOG IS THE ONLY MEMBER WHO SURVIVES!

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Jimmy Pirate

full time dad AND floor guy

I exist. Thats pretty much the jist of it. Since ive been allowed to exist until my quickly fleeting time on this planet expires, I choose to have opinions, I choose to say what I like when I like, I also choose to not care how what I say is taken when taken out of context. If your skin is thin, you can rest assured, im WAAAY too much for YOU.


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September 13, 2019
I love your posts. I look forward to them everyday!
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