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  • jamestpirate

    2 months, 1 week ago
    amazing what the stupids will teach us when they research the online products they use. They make money off of your data, then they sell the same data to law enforcement. im sure somewhere it says its entrapment to make a person generate revenues for you, and then for you to get paid by another someone who intends to come after your original revenue generator! isnt that like forced slavery?

    • So what happens when you don’t keep data?

      • i dont think its the keeping of the data at issue. Its how snakelike it is to collect the data, generate revenue off the slaves without sharing the profits collected from them with them, then selling them out to the authorities. Me personally, if it were just a handful sold to the cops, id get it, that makes sense based on the likelihood of violent crime that may be prevented, but looking at just the bulk of the numbers it seems more like a mass spying tool where law enforcement and its courts can pay a company to do a job for them that we the taxpayers already have been forced to pay them to do on their own while they take advantage of low IQ people on the internet. its just disgraceful nobody can be trusted.

        • this seems highly suspect dude. highly suspect. why is that person worried about the law finding out about his sexual searches? and why is he telling his followers to delete all his messages? they’re looking for sex criminals obviously and whatever site that person in the text is on obviously has a problem with it. this isnt a good example pirate man.

          • what do you mean? this is a perfect example. there is no way they have an 80-90% rate of infiltration on just sex crimes lmao! if that were true there wouldnt be over 50 registered sex offenders within one block of the gradeschool in my neighborhood! (halfway houses btw) this is an overall graph of requests, the fact its on somebodies sex namesaked account is irrelavent to my point. The point is clearly stated in the screenshot, the NSA stopped spying because Snowden snitched on them for it, now SM giants are doing the SAME work the NSA was doing, accepting money from the very people who were paying for the NSA (forced from the taxpayer i mean) were just dealing with a different head on the same snake. Anybody missing that fact, is a willing participant in it or oblivious to the obvious. this isnt new, ive been tracking this sense facebook went public. Anyways i could show you a picture of a dog and youre free to call it a cat if you like, doesnt change the substance any. Its not the worlds fault i was born with “bigger picture” brain while the majority has been humbled down to “smallest pixel” of the “bigger picture” brain. Im no conspiracy theorist, nor do i care for them in any sort of way, i dont like being reduced to one without ANY counter information against my point. I like to be called out if i spread misinformation, an opinion without any sourcing about my information and then the forming of a conclusion without any evidence but the feels, is how democrats deal with folks like me. For the record, im not a republican, that being typed, i can barely stand a leftist in any form, political or not. ill be waiting impatiently for a retaliatory link or this will stay and my opinion will remain unmoved.

          • further, if you are in fact correct, that would mean SM giants are willingly giving platforms to sex criminals, getting paid for it, and not preventing the behavior until the SM giant gets called out publicly for it. the numbers in my screenshot would be a ridiculous amount of actively known sex criminals on just 1 site then wouldnt it?

          • also, if i were to make an assumption like what seems to be the norm, this person could likely be an escort. Illegal, but, no excuse for across the board mass surveillence.

            • We don’t do “mass surveillence” but if I get a sniff of a pedophile on REV, make no doubt I will do everything within my power to make sure they spend the rest of their life behind bars.

              • thats what im getting at, peds should be turned in. i dont think this is the case with my screenshot. i also would never believe 1 website would produce this many pedophiles. I dont break the law, i enforce it on my own property, so it isnt as if im worried about surveillence on any level on my part. I have 5 kids, i dont do cops or court, you violate one of my children, i will seek you out and your justice will be immediate and without the kangaroo dog and pony show in our American courts. i will assure you never reoffend. A child sex offenders freedom ends where my kids being begins.

                • so peds should be turned in? so without the government watching sites they’re on it won’t happen. you act like no one site can have ten thousand members who are peds but that isn’t true. any site with that nasty garbage on it they will all flock to duh because they discontinue the ones they find. this person is telling people to delete all correspondences with him and leave the site entirely. does that sound like someone with nothing to hide?

                  • as i previously stated, im not left with the presumption of pedophilia, based on the way its worded and sting operations ive witnessed locally, this person is likely an escort who prefers not to use backpage instead. they indicate its safer over here with their “custys” which is escort for customers like ‘john’ is prostitute for customer.

                    • did you not realize that prostitutes are owned y human traffickers bor are you ignoring that? also sorry to bust your bubble but california is the exception not the rule. you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. and btw look it up for yourself lazy.

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September 13, 2019
I love your posts. I look forward to them everyday!
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