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  • JamesTPirate
  • I write, I film, I game, I specialize in hyperbole and sarcasm.
  • You know who is interestingly quiet during this KUNG FLU PANDEMIC? The vaxxers! Couldnt get those fetish little fugtards to shut up for a single second about how right they were and how stupid everybody else was that didnt subscribe to their nonsense. I wonder how many vaxxers have contracted or died from COVID-19? I personally hope every vaxxer…Read More
  • I have a world view question if anybody would like to participate in a common sense and observation game with me…TRIGGER WARNING! The flag that represents LEOs across the country, the black flag with the blue line…we all know it i would assume. Most of us appreciate the dedicated folks who walk that blue line and i think we can all agree those…Read More
  • The left uses milkshakes to shame their political rivals by throwing it in their faces and on their expensive clothes,…maybe the right should start shaming Democrats by ordering and throwing Chinese food on them hahaha! I recommend sweet and sour soup, fresh from the store it will hit the point home for your liberal rivals with no need to add…Read More
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About me

Jimmy Pirate

full time dad AND floor guy

I exist. Thats pretty much the jist of it. Since ive been allowed to exist until my quickly fleeting time on this planet expires, I choose to have opinions, I choose to say what I like when I like, I also choose to not care how what I say is taken when taken out of context. If your skin is thin, you can rest assured, im WAAAY too much for YOU.


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September 13, 2019
I love your posts. I look forward to them everyday!
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