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  • istlota
  • Son of God, Son of Man.
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    I try to avoid interpreting scripture according to what I, personally, believe when what I , personally, believe is not what the author actually said. For instance, I believe that killing the wives and children of soldiers you defeat in a war is WICKED and UNGODLY. But, I also have to admit that the author of Numbers chapter 31 does, indeed, say…Read More
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    Catholics call the Pope “The Holy FFather”. Shouldn’t that title be reserved for God the Father in heaven, rather than that man of sin who sits in the temple of God?
    • They who have eyes which do not see, and ears which do no hear, are waiting for those who say they are Jews, but are of the Syangogue of Satan, to rebuild a PHYSICAL temple. Others — equally deceived — are looking lo, here, lo, there, for Christ to return and Rapture them to a Christian heaven. But we who are called by His name understand that…Read More

    • yes hitler it should. catholics aren’t real christians hitler.

    • I take M23 as Jesus saying look you have to abide by the laws, you have to follow the rules but don’t trest those that are in office becuase they are shady AF.

  • istlota posted a new activity comment

    No one caused more problems for Jesus, when he was a mortal man, than his fellow Jews. If you think I am expressing Neo Nazi ideas, then you really need to read Matthew chapter 23. Because what Christ said about Jews in that scripture is FAR WORSE that anything I have posted about them here. I mean, really, … “white sepulchres”, “full of dead…Read More
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