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I spoke with both Rebekah and Bill to discuss their version of events. I asked when were they intimate, how they were intimate, and how many times. Rebekah did not give a direct answers to those questions. During our conversation I could tell she didn’t want to give up such details. 


Shastina: “Why wouldn’t Bill be gloating about sleeping with you, when he says he never had a sexual relationship with you.”  


Rebekah: “I think the reason Bill pulled back and acted so cruel toward me is that he had made a lot of claims during the course of our relationship about his future of YVA [Your Voice America] and his personal career. Claims that he was going to get show on Newsmax, claims that YVA had been picked up by a network to national that fall [2018] , and as we neared the end of August, he knew the timeline for claims he had made to me about all of this was nearing an end. Instead of fessing up and admitting that he’d lied, I think he tried to save face and find a reason to end the relationship hence the allegations about Senator XXXXXXXX.” 

I asked her if she had an affair with Senator XXXXXXXX [whose name has been redacted for privacy]. She responded to that question “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” 


Rebekah says she has the text messages he (Bill) sent her after “he slept with her and then kicked her out on the street.” Texts that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they had sex. Texts I have seen. But Bill says otherwise. 


I chatted with Bill [Mitchell] later that morning and as always he was charming, charismatic, and funny. It’s no secret that Bill and I worked together in 2018 so we were able to have an open and honest conversation. 


Bill denies ever having any type of physical sexual relationship with Rebekah Worsham. He says what started as a friendship online, that turned to romantic interest feel short when they meet in person. 


Bill: “About a year and a half ago, Breck [Rebekah] Worsham and I met on Twitter.  She seemed nice and had a pro-Trump Twitter feed. She also appeared quite lovely in her online pictures.  At first, I made an effort to keep things purely professional and friendly, but as time passed and we seemed to have much in common, we began to flirt and talk about a possible romance.  I’m single and so was Breck, so this is normal. 

Our conversations, texts, etc.where about what one would expect in an adult potentially romantic conversations.  I never claimed to be a choir boy and Breck didn’t seem headed for the convent. Fill in the blanks if you like.

One thing that did strike me as odd was that Breck kept speaking of her “relationship” with Senator XXXXXXXX [a very well known US-Senator]  She even sent me many many screen snaps of texts “he” was sending her.  Pretty steamy stuff about how he wanted to move her to DC, put her up in an apartment and be his “kept” woman.  In the texts she would call him, “XXXX” and he never seemed to object.  I always had my doubts as to whether these were real or just fakes with the intent to make me jealous.  Either way, none of my business. Out of courtesy to Breck, I deleted all the texts she sent me from him.  Looking back, I wish I had not.

Ok, fast forward.  Breck finally, after a few months, decided to come visit me in West Palm Beach where I lived in a beautiful New York style loft a block from the water. She had many frequent flier miles so [she] offered to get her own ticket.  I was excited to see her and make no mistake, this was intended to be a romantic weekend, not merely a friendly visit.

That being said, I was shocked when Breck appeared at my door.  I don’t know how to put this kindly, but she looked nothing like her pictures. I won’t go into details, but suffice it to say, I felt I had been catfished.  Embarrassing to admit that as my general rule on long distance relationships is to video conference before meeting. I had asked Breck several times if we could and she always had an excuse why not.  Having now met her face-to-face, her reticence made more sense. The Breck Worsham of Twitter is not the Breck Worsham of reality, at least not to me.

Despite my dismay, I invited Breck in. We sat on the sofa, had a glass of wine and talked.  Needless to say, I felt VERY uncomfortable sitting alone with a woman in my apartment who had just been lying to me for 2 months about who she was.  I told her that I was not feeling in person what I had felt online. When she pressed as to why I was feeling that way, I had no choice but to tell her that to me, she looked nothing like her pictures. She became very upset. At this point, I suggested that she get a hotel somewhere and I’d be happy to pay for it. She refused my offer but took her bag and left. As the weekend progressed, she sent many photos of herself around town, photoshopped, and explained that she had met a wealthy guy and spent the night on his boat.  I was thinking, ok, whatever.

I was perfectly willing to accept this as just an unfortunate failed potential romance.  However, I was shocked to find, shortly thereafter, that Breck started publishing many tweets about me claiming that I was actually gay and that my apartment was paid for by an older gay lover – complete fictions.  Those who know me personally would find this hilarious. I and most definitely not gay and I happily paid my own rent, thank you very much.

Sadly, Breck’s tweets became so aggressive and threatening that I filed a police Report with the [West] Palm Beach Police Department upon advice from friends. Anyone actually curious enough could look that up I suppose.

Eventually Breck stopped the assault of tweets and sent me an email apologizing saying that she was just, “hurt and angry” and asked me to forgive her.

I assumed that would be the end of it, and yet, here we are, a year later and Breck is at it again trying to “boil the bunny” and cause me harm.  Sadly, she is doing this in concert with MAGA Coalition, run by one Adam Gingrich who has threatened violence against me as well as doxxing my SS# on Periscope.  I am assuming they recruited Breck to dredge up this old fake news. Don’t know.

So anyway, that’s what happened folks.  No idea if the XXXXXXXX [Senator] thing was real.  Breck sure tried to make it seem real.  She sent me hundreds of texts and long detailed conversations.  But knowing what I know now about her, the idea she would fake those as well would not shock me.

P.S., Despite Breck’s claims, I never had a deal with NewsMax nor did I pursue them.  I’d never work for a network which considers John Cardillo a serious talent. As far as other network deals we were working on, those were preliminary and fell through as they often do.  Breck’s claims I rejected her to “hide my many lies about tv deals,” are preposterous. I rejected her because she catfished me with fake pictures. Hate to admit that, but she was MAGA and I guess that made me give her the benefit of the doubt.

Last point.  I have no idea why anyone cares about this.  Thanks. #MAGA”

Instead of fessing up and admitting that he’d lied, I think he tried to save face





But what about that shirt? If they didn’t have sex then why is she trying to send him back a shirt she found in her closet. 


Shastina: “If you and Rebekah never slept together then why did she have your shirt?”


Bill: The answer is not nearly as salacious as some might imagine.  Before we met, Breck had been saying she wanted something I had worn that had my cologne on it.  It was her birthday so as a gift I sent her an old polo shirt she had admired in a photo and sprayed it with my cologne prior to mailing. Just a cute romantic birthday gift, nothing more, nothing less.” 


True to his statement the shirt in question was not as salacious as I had hoped. When I asked Rebekah about the shirt she said he simply sent it as a gift, something for her to sleep in. 


This is one of many texts Rebekah says prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the two had more than just an online relationship. 




For the record REV could not substantiate if ‘Bill’ was in fact Bill Mitchell.  

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I don’t really know that much about what is going on in this story. She said, he said… I guess I would wait for some hard evidence of some kind.

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