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What is REVolution

REVolution is a global communications social media platform. Behind REVolution is Americans fighting for our First Amendment Rights. REVolution is here to give you the platform to express your thoughts and ideas. A platform to stay connected with your friends, family, coworkers, and meet new people.

Do I need to pay to use REVolution?

REVolution is free, all you need to post on REV is an internet connection or a mobile phone with service. Once your REV account has been approved you can start posting on REV, find and connect with other users. Once approved we will also recommend great accounts for you to follow.

How do I sign up?

Scroll down and click signup or go to our registration page

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Can I change my Username?

No, you can not change your username so please make sure its what you want!

Why can't I login using other social logins?

By allowing our subscribers to login with other social media platform credentials we are allowing those sites to track your usage. Using social login gives them access to all your data.

My answer is not here

Please go to our FAQ page where you can see more answers and watch REV tutorials.