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  • Halloween is coming!!
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    • i’m trying to cook up a story right now. if it takes a while i’ll post someone else’s from a campfire story site first but i’m going to write one too.

  • California: The Many Horrors of Turnbull Canyon
    Why it’s creepy: Located near LA between Whittier and City of Industry, Turnbull is a 49,000-acre smorgasbord of nightmare fuel set amid the the scenic hills. You want your scares rooted in American history? The natives called it “Hutukngna,” or the place of the Devil, where the ghosts of those sla…Read More
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  • This story, the back story I was told about it and my part in it are true.

    I was told by a friend that a desperate woman living near (small town), New Mexico requested assistance from the church, claiming she was being “attacked by the Devil!”

    The local priest informed her of the seriousness of her claims and then refused to help her. He…Read More

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