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  • I will defend the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic!
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    I am on your side and agree with most of this. CA needs to fall into the ocean.
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    BRO! Seriously! I was locked out for like 2 weeks, FINALLY get back in here, I post a few comments, I am locked out for another day or two and then I get back in and – I DIDN’T MISS SHIT! Is this place you and me and 3 other people?
    • i think alot of folks are having the login situation. i speculate the majority of the active users are just holding out for the app to avoid any further inconvienience. The will to achieve a backdoor or bookmark the site is probaly lost upon them. It took me a few frustrations to figure out the workarounds when there were some.

      • We are constantly doing changes to the site, clearing the cache, updating software to prepare for the mobile app launch. We have actually discussed doing away with a desktop application and just strictly having a mobile application with a website for information and contact etc.

    • AND deleting a bunch of users…. there will be paid options coming with the launch.

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August 28, 2019
Thank you for sticking with us, the good, the bad, the ugly!
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