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  • Saved by Christ. Ephesians 5:14. Trump2020
  • egeiro

    6 months, 4 weeks ago
    We are born into this world of chaos. it was made that way because Adam gave over stewardship of it to satan. we are born again of spirit with Christ in us and then we’re sealed unto the day of redemption. Yes Jesus died for all but thats a choice we individually make to accept freely that gift. @whithers i saw a conversation you were having with another person who doesnt wish to continue speaking to you and who explained this already and it seemed like this point wasnt coming across. hope this clears it up.
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    • I can also semi understand your not wanting to type the name God if you were talking/ministering to Jews but im thinking thats not why you’re doing it. i have friends that you remind me of in your arguments and i just wanted to say brother dont get tied up in the old testament without realising its types and shadows of what was to come, studying glations and hebrews will clear that up. dont get too much wisdom from man without checking it against the written word of God, yes God speaks through us to this day but weather its reading duetero cannon of orthodoxy or catholic one or protestant cannon they all agree of the 66books at their core so for sure take that in well first would be my advice. @whithers

      • I don’t accept the seal of the cannon which was done by the Council of Nicea under one who lauded G-d for his own power and worshipped the Sun in private, not the Son. He also emphasized the divinity of Christ so that he could justify any wicked act and use confession as a license to evil, instead of the humanity of Christ whose obedience is the example we are to emulate. All are called to be mature even as G-d is mature.

        And tell me, if a child spent their childhood being beaten and raped by their father, how will G-d be defined in their mind and heart when you tell them G-d is their father? There is nothing we can say which G-d has not already heard in our minds and hearts before we were naturally upon the face of the earth. But there is everything we can cause another to hear which will make G-d unapproachable for them. And if a thing be done out of reverence for G-d, that does not contradict His law, His gospel, then why should another cast aspersions upon it?

        I have held a zeal for G-d that ran before the Lord shouting back at G-d, “You need to move faster!” Age has mellowed me, as well as a few heavenly 2×4’s wielded by my guardian angel. Christ as said there are only two commandments, to Love G-d, and to Love thy Neighbor as Thyself. What does not come from obedience to these is in the longrun unimportant. All the rest is busywork, like pages of addition and subtraction problems done by little children who are not yet ready to do the math of Love.

        One and one is always two,
        Each alone here’s me there’s you.
        The mathematics of the heart,
        Adds together what’s apart.
        The sum of being friends is done,
        to prove that one and one make one.
        ~ from The Hero from Otherwhere.

        When one Love’s G-d one can see glory to G-d in all things.

        • well that’s a lot you said there. I have a few questions. what cannon do you accept? why? is Christ divine in your estimation? why or why not? who are you talking about worshipping the sun and how do you know that they did?

          • @whithers you said “tell me, if a child spent their childhood being beaten and raped by their father, how will G-d be defined in their mind and heart when you tell them G-d is their father?”
            and my reply to that is: If i said it then id be right but not on my own authority because the word of God assures us that this is the case. God himself revealed this through His Spirit. And thank God He not only is but also revealed this tuth because that same source is what Defines God to use your word. simply put, it isnt mans word or idea and thats everything right there.
            i figured i asked questions so ill answer you as well.

            • To the last post first. The reality of G-d is immaterial when discussing the perception of G-d. You are avoiding the dilemma that for a person beaten and raped by their father throughout their childhood, every time you say the word father, heavenly or not, the image you call into their mind is one of pain, terror, and disgust. So, is it more important to you do force feed them G-d as a male, while you drive them away from G-d, or to deal with them where they are and use terminology that will not keep them from hearing the Gospel? It is a weakness of faith for persons to obstain from eating meat sacrificed to idols since such idols are meaningless and such gods do not exist. It is like someone not driving a car because aliens may swoop down and take them away in it. Still, Paul says to cater to the weak in their faith in order that they might continue to believe. Simply because a person cannot get past their pain to see G-d as the Father, is no reason not to let them approach G-d by some other way if it still encompasses the same Gospel.

          • I accept the spirit of G-d in me to show me G-dly things whereever they may be found. G-d is not limited to a box, neither to one book. The cannon is an accumulation of writings, and writings with G-d’s truth were not included where the entire writing could not be assembled. I have no problem studying, in historical context, the writings placed in the cannon, as well as the apocrypha, the pseudepigrapha, A Letter from a Birmingham Jail, a scientific text, or a work of fiction. G-d is not limited to working within the constraints placed upon Him by persons.

            G-d is divine and Christ is a face of G-d. However, if Christ used His divinity as some greater special or extra capacity to observe the law while denying us the same capacity – then His obedience unto death would have been meaningless. I do not merely believe in Christ, but I have encountered Christ who let me compare my pain against a mere glimpse at the pain of all the sins of the world which He has taken upon Himself for every rapist, murder, thief, etc. who has achieved salvation through Him.

            However, the emphasis that salvation is a license to sin because confession attones – which allows rulers to commit egregious crimes against both nations and subjects, saying that because only Christ could be perfect they are justified in whatever they choose to do since they are incapable of practicing the obedience of a G-d to the laws of said G-d; this is not acceptable.

            Constantine, Emperor of the Romans never abandoned the paganism he prescribed and in fact incorporated the affectations of the pagan faiths into the church. And how many saints have been pagan gods baptized and dragged across the floor to be called Christian?

            • @whithers I asked you to specify which canon do you adhere to and you seem to suggest that all writings are inspired of God. why?

              • A woman retired, sold her home, and moved to a new town. As she was arriving she stopped to buy gas and told the attendent she was just moving in. The she ask the attendent, what people in the town were like. He asked what people where she used to live, and she answered: They were kind, helpful, considerate, and friendly. And he said,”Well, I think you will find most people around here are the same.”

                Later a man who had retired, sold his home, and was moving into the same town stopped to buy gas. He told the attendent he was new to town and asked what the people there were like. So the attendent asked him what people were like where he came from. The man answered: They were rude, nosy, thoughtless, and mean. So, the attendent answered,”Well, I think you will find most people around here are the same.”

                “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love G-d, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”

                Those who seek G-d will find G-d is omnipresent. They will find glory to G-d in all things. Even evil glorifies G-d by demonstrating His perfection.

    • Jesus never heals those who are not ready to be healed. Every path is a narrow way to G-d, but each differs as do the mansions in His Kingdom.

      Remember, that G-d has already chosen us, all of us. Judgment will be much harsher than most can possibly imagine, because they will come before G-d and praise him. Then many, even a majority, will grow angry and accuse G-d for not making the universe to turn out to be what they wanted. It will be their worship of themselves above G-d that will drive them into the void, drive them from His presence.

      We should not add obstacles to be used as excuses, regardless of the reasons in our own mind.

    • Reality is not relative. G-d is not relative. Perceptions of both are. All thought is subjective. No thought is had outside the self. Objectivity is a lie. The “well considered thought” is imagined subjectively. The relationship of the individual to the reality of G-d is by ratio, a measurable distance to G-d and an unknowable distance for every individual: a thought in the void wherein their subjective self builds a paradigm. The Imago Mundi.

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