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    6 months, 4 weeks ago
    Look man, I don’t want any kind of politics in my movies or video games or in music I listen to at all. I don’t care if I agree with what’s said. If I’m trying to relax then that’s what I’m doin. Now, i am the kind of person to put it in a song I write but that’s different. There are people out there that want to hear it; I’m just not one of em. That’s not hypocritical bro, they know who I am and what I do. I’m saying that you can’t just slide propaganda into a fighting game, mortal combat is not expected to preach. Its repulsive. So what are you even doing? Its called you get woke you go broke. We aren’t called to woke, we are called to awaken.
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    • then mind your own business. facebook and youtube would love to show you some of eveything. what are you even doing here?

    • i think he was saying that’s what you are doing. if not i apologize. i personally don’t listen to or watch any new media at all.

    • right. i sent him an apology though but he didn’t respond so either he’s busy or i was correct in assuming that. time will tell i guess.

    • personally i think if the left isn’t going to stop then christianity and conservatism need equal screen time though.

    • which is why i told him to mind his own business. i probably could have been nicer about it though. i’m kind of an ahole sometimes especially when i think i’m being slighted.

    • I have told Game Developers in the past that I do not play a fantasy game to be broke, unsuccessful, and look bad. All those things can be done in real life. On rare occasions they seem to get the idea that we don’t play games to be imprisoned in the real world, lol.

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I’ve been writing songs for over 17 years. I used to go by a different name which meant to sleep, now I’m called egeiro (pronounce egg eye row) which is greek for awaken. My name changed last year after I was filled with the Holy Spirit and now I praise God in my music. Recently I lost my computer and thereby my written works but I now have one again and am continuing. politically I vote according to issues so I claim no party, however at the moment I lean heavily toward the republican party because the democrats have by in large become the anti American anti Christian party which naturally pits them squarely against humanity.

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August 22, 2019
Thank you for your continued loyalty to REV.


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