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  • egeiro
  • Saved by Christ. Ephesians 5:14. Trump2020
  • egeiro

    7 months ago
    trying to learn this platform. not sure how to search other users or comment or become verified. but i know i was here before the platform reached 240 so im here early and gonna stick around! cant wait for the app!
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    • Brandon Tatum is the reason im here. heard about it from one of his videos.

      • I’m here because of Brandon Tatum too.. Also trying to learn and understand this new platform. Cant wait for it to blow up and be the new facebook and twitter

    • This is true of myself as well. I follow Tim Pool as well, and he is set up at which I find difficult to use. Fact is that platforms setting up now have to achieve the ease of use people are familiar with on FB, Twitter, etc. while not duplicating their exact code. I don’t envy them the challenge this generates.

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Jake Homer


I’ve been writing songs for over 17 years. I used to go by a different name which meant to sleep, now I’m called egeiro (pronounce egg eye row) which is greek for awaken. My name changed last year after I was filled with the Holy Spirit and now I praise God in my music. Recently I lost my computer and thereby my written works but I now have one again and am continuing. politically I vote according to issues so I claim no party, however at the moment I lean heavily toward the republican party because the democrats have by in large become the anti American anti Christian party which naturally pits them squarely against humanity.

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August 22, 2019
Thank you for your continued loyalty to REV.


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