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  • charlessjoedsma posted in the group Anything but Leftist

    9 months, 1 week ago
    I’ve never started a group, ever. I just have high hopes for
    I believe that communication and the sharing of information and events is imperative to this nations success. #SocialismSucks #ProgressivismSucks #LeftismSucks #GlobalistCucks

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    • I totally agree. I hope we get a lot of people switched over to here. The censorship on the other platforms is astonishing.

    • i might be a left centrist, but like, i hate leftists anyways, most of them suck ass, am i allowed here? i am still confused, and i think i might be more center than i think i am, i honestly don’t know. ask me things i guess, maybe i will get more exact.

      • Yes, you’re welcome.
        Couple questions that might help you out… Do you want to be free to fend for yourself?
        Do you want to be able to do what you will, as long as it does not negatively affect any other?
        If you answered yes to either of those questions then you’re not a leftist and you’re on the right track.

        • yes
          also no that is not a leftist. of course that is a full on extremist leftists nightmare, but like, i proof i am conservative/right: i believe in pro life as long as the bearer isn’t dying. i believe in free gun use(i know there is a better name for it but i don’t remember the name) i also believe in complete free speech, which is why i hate bans and mutes. and also i hate modern feminism, sjw’s, and more.
          proof i am liberal/leftist: i believe in lgbtq rights, i don’t believe in the bible or god or anything of the sort, i am a hypocrite and wish that i was right at all times, and do want to censor people which is why i am glad i am in no position of power to ever censor anyone because i don’t agree with censorship.

          i think i more or less am just: i feel like a liberal, but know conservative is better. i feel like a leftist, but i know the right is smarter.
          that is why i identify as a liberal/leftist centrist, or conservative/rightwinged centrist. centrist meaning that i am somewhere in between.


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Charles 'Merica Sjoedsma

Constitutional Conservative with a bit of Libertarian. Hunter. Independence, Liberty. Anti-Shariah.

I’m here for the truth. I can not stand for the growing corruption in D.C. and all the while they take take take, little by little, our unalienable rights. I will NEVER give up my 2nd Amendment Rights.

Other than that… I’m working very hard to revitalize the infrastructure of America. Then I’m going to start farming out in the middle of nowhere.

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