• I believe it’s been said that 60% of the Coronavirus cases in the USA are in New York, the next big number comes from the West coast. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the coastal people for being sooo much smarter than the center of the country…you’ve showed us all how much smarter you all are hahaha! Your “openness” and “sanctuary”…Read More
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    good to hear from you. Im still wandering the halls here. Im only smart enough to build the buildings that house the work you do, i have zero grasp on the scope of tech work. Were different kinds of smart but im glad were not #SMOOPID lmao!
  • So, when do all of us pleebs get to learn which chinese or American scientist is responsible for intentionally releasing this population control A.K.A. Coronavirus into the wild? When we do or even if we do not will they be held to the hillary clinton styled justice and accountability or the Roger Stone type justice and accountability? Do the…Read More
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