• I’ll be damned, go figure, the Democrats and even a few Republicans were wrong. Trump was right…SUPRISE!…if we stand up to Iran rather than facilitate their nonsense, and they realize we mean business, they will seek out a new target that will allow business as usual…in comes the welcome to Canada and the welcome to the Ukraine signs. My…Read More
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  • Laugh in the faces of the #SMOOPID and place a hot missile on the lips of the #WRETCHED so they might bathe in the blood of their oppressors….THEMSELVES! Now, get ready for a brilliant 80s mind doing a hashtag thing! I hope somebody gets the joke! #andIRAN #IRANsoFARaway #IjustRAN #IRANallNIGHTandDAY #IcouldntGETaway #LMMFAO
  • I love America! I’m going to fabricate rifles for each of my 5 kids for Xmas. Then they can tell my grandkids how grandpa fabricated the brilliant anti-tyranny boom sticks for them in defense of their persons and freedoms from the #SMOOPID . I think I’ll call them the PIRATE-223 PEW-PEWS! #2A #DontBecomeFelonious
      • I meant the first xmas after i pass away lol, only one of them isnt old enough to own a rifle, none of them will recieve them until im dead. with all of them that we have already, whats 5 more? lol, im buying unfinished rifles and machining the lowers at home. totally legal and very constitutional. look up the search term ‘ghost guns’ which sounds…Read More

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