• #FreetheFirst #KAG and most importantly, don’t be one of the #SMOOPID
  • How do we grow REV? We have to cross enemy lines. You have to invite people from other social media platforms and tell them about REV. The vote to impeach Trump is just a ploy for 2020. We have to fight back harder. We must demontize BIG Tech. It starts with you, one new registered active member at a time. A wall can’t be built over night, but a…Read More
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    • I invited Styxhexenhammer666

      • whats with the 666?

        • That is just part of his handle. He is a political analyst type who does some gardening and some occult stuff. I am only in it for the gardening and the political analysis. He also spends some time in Amsterdam and I spent some time there so it is fun to see his travels because I have been to some of the same places.

    • i brought @skulls who founded the Illinois Fathers org and ran for republican state representative in Illinois and @budprimo who is a career production associate and a marijuana advocate for the lame state of Michigan and im working on more. I only cross enemy lines when somebody needs a slap, i use my friends to poach users from other SM sites…Read More

      • I had to cross enemy lines yesterday and saw this disturbing vender of a transgender pretending to abort his/her child…. I almost puked at the devils work.

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