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    I concur, reading 2 different bibles and the quran definitely makes me more of a religious fool id suppose, hearing the nonsense is one thing, reading it just defines human ignorance at those points in time. For the record, a lack of subscription does not mean a lack of knowledge. Correlation doesnt imply causation. There is no correlation between…Read More
    • are you not judging me right now? you actually never cease to amaze me with your long winded hateful responses and you laughing at me doesn’t make you seem smart it makes you seem like a jerk. you reading the bible a couple of times doesn’t make you an expert and that’s assuming that’s not just a fabrication.

    • you also didn’t even mention the hadiths which is over half of the Muslim faith. Did you even know that?

      • You didnt mention them neither until in your mind, a pissing match ensued. Are they relevant to the conversation? do they add further substance to your assumptions? How you conclude i waste time on the internet fabricating my state of being is beyond me and yet another misguided judgement, turns out youre exactly who i thought you would be and im…Read More

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