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  • aaronlutterman
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  • aaronlutterman

    3 weeks, 1 day ago
    ‘SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY’ (active everywhere) – should this be discussed ????
    • Are you referring to ‘5G’?

      • i’m not talking about cell phone networks

        • thats it? i asked a question, you vaguely answer and do not build on it? It appears our definitions of the word ‘discussion’ differs. Usually, in what i consider a discussion to be, a person asking a question is at the least, interested. When their question isnt relative to the point, like you i point this out, THEN in case they are curious i refer them to the actual point so they might understand my ramblings. To each their own i suppose. I shall google this conspiracy and see where the rabbit hole leads.

          • you didn’t start a discussion. you asked a question, moron

            • Wait, im a moron because you issued a topic and then didnt build on your response to a question of interest in your subject? Sounds legit.

          • the real “conspiracy” is you thinking there is a “conspiracy”, fucking leftist asshole bitch

            • the confusion here occurs when somebody pretends to know anything while calling a conservative commentator a leftist bitch lmao! For the record, ” im not talking about cell phone networks” leaves your point up for interpretation. I interpereted it as a conspiracy that i had heard of before, but it involved microwaving brains with 5G radiation. Dont be an internet tough guy, it indicates where the actual bitches are really at. Having 45s pic on your profile and being so soft at the same time is just ironic. To be fair, taking you seriously is one of the least likely things i will do from here moving forward. I must digress though, even the lunatics unveil some pretty strangely true subjects that have been overlooked by the normies, IM WATCHING YOU ANGRYLUTTERMAN…im watching you!

        • i looked it up, it says theyre developing it in the Army. I believe this has been long existent, not just in development in 2019. there are cases as far back as the 60s of ex spies and actresses etc hearing radio frequencies in their heads, this was likely when it was in actual development, i believe also we are beyond development stage for decades and have been in active use since at least the early 70s on many different levels. it IS classified as a weapon, so fear of it is moot.

          • apparently you didn’t see the leaked footage from a Navy class teaching cadets how to deal with the ‘brain hacking system already in use’….

            • i did not, i quick searched and reviewed the top 3 results because i was offered no sources. Ill likely dive further into it later to tame any curiosity.

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August 14, 2019
Thank you for standing with REV through our DB migration.
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